Meet Kristine

Kristine Nyborg is a Norwegian photojournalist based out of Vancouver, Canada. She has a BA in Photojournalism, MPhil in Visual Ethnography and teaches photography to anyone who’s willing to partake in a combination of monologues and attentive listening. She has been swinging a camera since 1998, and has made a living from it since 2002, making photographs internationally for mainly Norwegian media organisations. She once found herself in a George W. Bush and Karl Rove sandwich in the doorway of Lincoln’s bedroom while on assignment, and can hold serious conversations on worldly topics but prefers to find ways to make herself laugh. Other people laughing is a bonus.

The last five years she’s been learning how to be a mom, and expects that education to level out around September 2019 when all three kids will be in school. 

She also wrote this bio about herself in the third person.


Resume and Accolades

I have won stuff. I have been recognised. I have made a living for 15 years from this craft. I think that will do. If you really want to know, dig around on LinkedIn.


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