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One-On-One Mentoring

The purpose of mentoring is not for me to be better than you or tell you where you’re failing. The purpose is for me to be a second set of experienced eyes on your work and show you where your strengths as well as weaknesses lie. Together we find who you want to be as a photographer. It’s like a dance, we both have our own set of steps.

I will devote a lot of energy to the photographers I work with, and in return I hope you will do the same. I want this to be an experience where you grow and learn and thrive. I want your experience to be your special treat to yourself, a place where you can be free to explore who you are as a photographer away from your clients’ expectations. I want it to be your happy place

It’s for you to grow and discover your photography in a new way. I also want to be honest about what help I can offer you:

  • Composition, light, exposure. The basics.

  • Editing (culling) and post production (editing).

  • Sequencing photographs to tell a story. 

  • Burning out and bouncing back.

  • Ethics and integrity.

  • Finding, researching and completing a story.

  • Logistics in working a story.

  • Approaching strangers (that are not clients).

  • Writing a pitch.

  • Show you your strengths and weaknesses.

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I can’t make your career or sell your work for you. That is a labour of love only you can invest in yourself.

For 17 years I have worked as a photojournalist all over the world. It’s given me a lot of experience working a story, dealing with logistics but most importantly how to keep going, even when the winds blow the other way.

Photography is an intensely personal profession, it is tightly wound up in our identity. We are our brand, we are our photographs, our stories. I will be hard on you, but I won’t break you. I believe real growth comes from hard work, so there will be expectations. The assignments may seem odd, but I promise they all tie into it. Photographers need to be well rounded. It’s not just about clicking the shutter. It’s about a human experience seen through human eyes, translated from light and pixels into frames that are pieced together to tell a story. Your experience with me will be uniquely made for you.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or specific requests.

It’s play that makes people unafraid to fail and confident to try new things. It’s play that helps us do serious things better because we enjoy them and feel a sense of joy in our achievements.
— Jake Orlowitz, Head of The Wikipedia Library

I will be running my An Unconventional Photography Workshop in October.

In 2020 I will be running a longer photography workshop / mentoring program, join my newsletter for announcements.


All prices are in Canadian Dollars


Long Term Mentoring (one on one)

The goal is to help you develop a project, start to finish. I will meet with you first to tailor it after your specific needs.

Six months, one hour twice a month: $2750

Twelve months, one hour twice a month: $5000

Mentoring by the Hour

PorTfolio Review:

$200 (45 minutes)

By the hour

Either in regular intervals or scheduled when needed.

Single hour session: $250

Two-hour session: $400 

All mentoring sessions are done online via video chat or by phone. Unless you live near Ottawa, Ontario, or want to travel here, in which case I’m happy to meet in person.


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