An Unconventional Photography Workshop

for seekers of new ways to see

A quick video about expectations, art, literal vs non-literal and slowing down.

Feeling like you’re in a slump or don’t really know how to take your photography to the next level? A workshop for that is coming your way soon!

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An Unconventional Photography Workshop

Kristine has always given me the most clear-eyed, to-the-point advice on images and on my through processes about my images. She knows when/where to push and when/where to praise to keep you motivated without getting discouraged. She’s a 100% bull-shit free cheerleader for your photography practice.
— Katie Jett Walls
Kristine is a thoughtful guide and knowledgeable resource. I appreciate her feedback because she does it in a way that is honest yet encouraging, which is necessary for any progress for work and art.
— Felicia Chang
Looking forward to this workshop, since Kristine’s photography always shows me frames I didn’t think about before.
— Samuel Geiseler
The way you write with such honesty, simplicity and humour is singular. There is validation and education and hope in your words. They leave me with a sense of possibility.
— Rowena Meadows
Kristine is the real deal. Her professional skills combined with her lovable personality always makes it a pleasure to work with her. It’s rare to have FUN while working and get GREAT results, at the same time. That’s what you get, when teaming up with her.
— Irina Lee

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